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About Me

Hi guys! I’m Putri, an Indonesian living in Jakarta, born and grow up at a small city in North Sumatra. When I was still a child, my family used to drive to nice place within the city on weekend. I can say that i have been to most of surrounding area of Lake Toba but something is happened , that travel things is stop.

Graduated from high school I move to another city for working. Earn my own money, doesn’t mean I can travel a lot because have to pay my college, but manage to travel once in a while to nearest country, Singapore and Malaysia. Just after I graduated, I can save more to travel. At first I travel outside of Indonesia more as the ticket is cheaper from Singapore or Malaysia.

Study take me to Jakarta on 2010, since then I been travel to many beautiful places in Indonesia with a low budget, backpacker way. One of my dream is to travel with no limited time, suppose to execute back on 2010 but something came up, the plan is dropped. Hopefully it will be come true soon.
You know, many peoples thought I have a lot of money to travel a lot, I said Amen to that. But I tell you, it is not how much money you have, it is about how you save some of your money for the things you like, it is about your priority, it is about how to travel smart.

How do I save some money to travel ? Here is some of them and I believe everyone can do that. I prefer to buy cheap clothes/bag rather than expensive but of course wearable and comfy (I don’t go to specific brand). Limit myself to have fancy/expensive food and the most important is, I always try to find a promo ticket to fly and plan my trip nicely, so I can control my travelling budget.

So if you think you can’t travel because you don’t earn much money, stop to think that way. Start travel as a little as you have, gather information about the place with that kind of budget then go. Dare to Dream!