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Travel Guide to Makassar

Makassar also known as Ujung Pandang is capital city of South Sulawesi. The flight ticket to Makassar from Jakarta is not expensive despite on public holiday (long weekend). You can put this city as one of of your 3 days weekend getaway.

1. By plane
There are a lot of flight to Makassar from most city of Indonesia. The ticket price from Jakarta start with IDR 550.000/way. It is also cheap to fly from Bali, the fare start from IDR 450.000.

2. By Boat
There is PELNI ship from Jakarta but I don't recommend you to take this because the journey is very long, more than 30 hours with cost start IDR 432.000, only slightly different than flight ticket price. You can consider to take boat if you are in the city that close by the sea, like Labuan Bajo. You can travel to Makassar from Labuan Bajo only IDR 161.000 for 17 hours while by plane cost you more than IDR. 1.000.000, the boat mostly depart from Labuan Bajo in afternoon.

3. By Bus
Makassar also accessible from some city in Sulawesi. Palu is about 12 hours with bus (New Liman), cost about IDR. 300.000.

The cheapest way to travel out/in airport is by DAMRI, cost only IDR 27.000, but if you travel in group taking a taxi or rent car is the best option.
Angkot or known as pete-pete in Makassar is the best public transportation if you travel alone. Most of area coverage by pete-pete with cost starting IDR 5.000.

There is becak (trishaw) as well, but I didn't see many of them. Most of pete-pete driver is very helpful. Tell them your destination then they will make sure you arrived on your location or find anther public transportation if you need to transfer, the price is start IDR 5.000-IDR 15.000.

There are not many option accomodation listing on online booking system. Expect to pay about IDR 200.000/night for standard accommodation in Losari Beach area. But if your budget is higher, you can find many nice hotel along the Losari Beach but Don't expect too much of this beach.

There are a lot of things you can see at Makassar but the best known are Rammang Rammang, Bira Beach and Bantimurung National Park. Rammang Rammang and Bantimurung only like 1-2 hour by public transportation from center of Makassar while Bira Beach is about 5-6 hours by car. With a good planning you will able to complete those place in 3 days. If you have more time there is more place to go. Read this article about what to see in South Sulawesi

When you are in Makassar, you have to try the local food like coto Makassar, start from IDR 20.000, pisang epe (grill banana) for IDR 10.000, es pisang hijau (green banana ice) start form IDR 10.000, and sop ubi (yam soup), star from IDR 20.000.

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